Company Culture

The corporate culture of Forwarder Company Ltd. based on generally accepted best practices and work values, principles of human relations and ethical principles.

1. Basic Values


By continually strengthening corporate trust company we want to be strong, successful, respected professionally, consistently reliable and honest. Therefore, every time we meet its obligations in accordance with the ethical standards in a responsible and responsible and on time.


Flexibility is more than just a marketing concept - the Forwarder Ltd. company is a flexibility associated with the way we work. From the beginning and throughout each working process will benefit from a fair and flexible solutions that are tailored to your changing needs.


Professionalism is understood as a quality and efficient professional activity based the principles of our continuing education and competitiveness, all in accordance with applicable laws, adherence to the principles of occupational safety and health protection.

2. Basic symbols

  • Business Name

Forwarder Ltd. is registered in the Companies Register of the Slovak Republic.

  • Company Logo 

logo forwarder - spedičná a zasielatelská spoločnosť

Graphic design, choice of font and image representation is focused on the outcome, dynamic, professional orientation and development potential Forwarder Company Ltd.

  • Company Colors

red, black, white

These three colors are in addition to the basic nature of visual style logo Forwarder Company Ltd., which manages his presentation at our company.
The color red symbolizes the power and the will, the strength and toughness of black, white credibility and developing potential of the company.

  • Credo Company

reliability, flexibility, professionalism
These words express intention Forwarder Company Ltd.

3. Principles of internal relations

  • Signing an employment contract, we became members work team Forwarder Company Ltd. We are proud of our company. We treat it loyally protect its property and translating its objectives and shared values. We are committed to the successful development and prosperity.
  • Active and always professional cooperation among our employees and clients gives us options and courage responsibly resolve the most demanding tasks.
  • We carry high quality work. Therefore, we ourselves also demanding to colleagues.
  • We constantly educate improve and learn from each other. We give young people the opportunity to work, we work together with their theoretical and practical training.
  • Urgent problems, we always trying to solve .


4. Principles of internal relations

  • former, current and future customers devote sustained attention. They are a prerequisite for our possible future success.
  • We strive to always meet the requirements of trading partners for quality and professional work and deadlines for its implementation.
  • Realize that business partner company assesses the credibility of the results not only work, but also by the behavior of its employees and their expertise, experience and responsiveness to their needs.
  • We prefer long-term cooperation with reputable business partners. Not to oppose the opening of relations with new partners. We know that the position of individual actors in the market is not immutable.
  • The personal contact with business partners of confidentiality and trade secrets.
  • Business activities are always carried in accordance with applicable law and ethical standards. 

5. Principles of relationships to secure work and health
We realize that our health and our staff is most valuable asset we have.
Thorough knowledge of and strict compliance with safety rules, operating procedures and technical rules for the employees Forwarder Ltd. daily orders.
Everything we do for Occupational Safety and Health, and necessarily require the co-workers and employees. In this respect, does not compromise

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